Kimcha Lunkim-Khongsai is the Co-Director and day to day manager of the Rutan Children’s Home facility in Imphal, Manipur India. The Children’s Home is affiliated with and Registered with the Indian Government along with the Lodstar Public School and is located on their campus.

The founders and operators of Lodstar Public School are Allen and Ani Lunkim. Allen is the brother of Kimcha Khongsai and the son of Dr. T. Lunkim. This is a family ministry that began many years ago. Prior to the generous donation of Cynthia Rutan of the U.S. A. which provided funds for an “official” Children’s Home to be built, the Lunkim family had been taking in needy children and providing them shelter and a free education within their boarding school.

Rita Seggelke is the Co-Director and the United States chief fundraiser. As the point of contact, Rita answers directly to the Kuki Christian Church Mission board both in the U.S. and also in India.  The board in the U.S. in not a governing board, but rather an advisory board.  Greg Taylor, Minister of the Clinton Christian Church in Clinton, Illinois USA is the current board president.

Questions and inquiries can be directed to:

Rita Seggelke, Rutan Children’s Home

13 Forest Hills Dr.

Lincoln, IL  62656