Rutan Children’s Home is grateful for the businesses that have chosen to officially support our cause as an official sponsor. 

These organizations have chosen to partner with Rutan Children’s Home in generously supporting our cause with a quarterly donation. These funds go towards the general fund of supporting and expanding the ministry at Rutan Children’s Home.

For those organizations that wish to pass their blessings on, we prayerfully ask that you consider our business sponsorship program.  Your tax deductible dollars will help build a legacy! Any amount paid per quarter would greatly assist us in taking care of emergency expenses, paying utilities, buying extra food, upgrading or repairing furnishings, buying needed items that are not possible with the normal budget, etc., and being able to do some extra things for the kids, like take them on outings, etc.

For those who choose to support us in this manner, it is an annual commitment, paid quarterly. The amount is your choice, according to your ability. In appreciation, your organization will be honored publicly for your generous support.

Our Sponsoring Organizations

We deeply appreciate these institutions that have made a commitment to our cause.

1508 New Hope Road
Guld Breeze, Florida. 32563