Jangminlal Lunkim, age 16 is a resident of RCH. At Christmas time, 2018, he sent his sponsor, John Guzzardo a card he had created himself. It was a colorful drawing of Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus and this is how his amazing talent came to our attention.

Thanks to the generosity of John and many of the other sponsors we were able to buy him art supplies as a way of encouraging his budding talent. These are a few of his latest creations. There is an Art College in Imphal where we hope to enroll him in some formal classes to see if he has the interest in pursuing this gift on the college level someday. He calls himself “Jeremy Guzzardo”  and we plan to donate one of his original works to the Harvest of Talents this year, so get out your checkbooks!! Way to go JEREMY, using your talent for the Lord. We are so proud of you!!

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