Happy Fall!!

I know it has been quite a while since I have given you an update on the children and I sincerely appreciate your patience and continuing to provide support.  As I have told you many times, it is very hard to maintain regular communication with them due to things such as:

  1. the gov.’t often shuts down the internet and therefore emails, etc. don’t go through sometimes for weeks.
  2.  The phone connections are often extremely poor and if we do connect, the call often falls off or the volume is so distorted, it is difficult to hear.
  3. It takes a month or more to receive a letter sent via regular mail.
  4. It costs $200.00 to send 40 lbs. of weight when sending a box, etc.
  5. Obviously, the time difference also plays a part.

Despite all of these obstacles, I am able to report that our Director, Kimcha Lunkim Khongsai remains energetic, healthy and committed to providing good care and supervision for the youth who are living in the Children’s home as well as those high school graduates who are in college, nursing school or training programs in the community.

All of the youth are well and actively involved in their studies, church activities and responsibilities in the children’s home.  They enjoyed a busy and fun school break and with the extra funds provided by Gary and Lindsay Hughes, were able to have a special picnic, visit a local zoo and attend a local festival.  They loved all these activities, many of which were new experiences for them.

We have new sponsors since my last “newsletter” and would like you all to welcome Krista and Robert McBeath who are active members of the Eastview Christian Church in Bloomington, Ill.

and Gary and Lindsay Hughes, active members of the Lincoln Christian Church. God is faithful to provide new sponsors at just the right moment.

We are excited to inform you that Robert and Krista are assisting me in developing our own website.  When completed, you will be able to make your sponsorship donations on-line via Pay Pal.  In addition, I will be able to download photos of the kids, maintain a blog, publish a quarterly newsletter and generally keep you all more frequently updated.

 This is a difficult process and somewhat complicated due to regulations and documents required, etc. as well as needed coordination with the web folk from India, etc. (see communication comments above.) Please pray this process will go smoothly so that we may have this up and running as soon as possible.

I would like to take this opportunity thank Karen Rice, a member of Clinton Christian Church and former secretary of Greg Taylor, CCH pastor and current president of Kuki Christian Mission, for her tireless work as our volunteer financial secretary.  She is the one who keeps all of our financial records and sends your end of the year statements, etc.  We love her and couldn’t manage this ministry without her help! Thanks Karen!!!

I am excited to also report to you that we are in the process of  adding an upper floor to the dormitory facilities at RCH (Rutan Children’s Home).  Through a generous donation of $5,000.00 from David and Eva Maloney, daughter and son-in-law of Dr. T. Lunkim;  Kimcha has been able to  commission the construction of an upper floor addition.  The total cost of this will likely be a bit more than $10,000.00, so we are trusting God for the rest.  At this time, construction has been stalled due to worker strikes and various shut downs.  However, with God’s blessing we are praying that it will be completed before Christmas. 

We were basically required by the Indian Gov’t to make this change in order to potentially receive food commodities for the Children’s Home.  The gov’t was concerned that we have all the children housed on the same level, even though in separate rooms.  When completed, the girls will be housed on the upper floor while the boys will remain on the lower floor. 

This addition will allow us the space to increase the number of children we can accept as God leads.  Please pray for this project and for the children who are waiting for admission and for new Sponsors to step up and help.

I promised the last time I wrote a “newsletter” that I would keep this one shorter, so I’m trying.  I would like you to know that Tom and I will be travelling to India the second week of January for a two week visit.  When I return, I will be able to more fully update you on your individual youth and the ministry in general. Please pray for us as this trip requires a 12 hour flight in a tiny cramped seat, LOL.  Pray that we will be happy and joyful when we arrive and not crabbie from having no sleep and dealing with “Charlie horses” for 12 hours.  (P.S. it’s worth it.)

It is likely that Kimcha and Lunkim may be visiting us in early December for a few days.  If that comes to pass, I will invite you all to our home, or possibly church to meet with them and ask any questions you may have directly.  I’ll keep you informed.

Christmas will soon be here and we are hoping that you will consider an extra monetary gift for your youth or the  general ministry.  We like to provide a special Christmas dinner for them and a small gift.  It doesn’t have to be a large amount and if you are unable, please don’t stress, as we pool whatever is received and all the kids are blessed equally.   They would  also appreciate a Christmas card with a current picture of you and your family and a short letter, whatever you feel able to do is greatly appreciated. If you are willing to do this, please send your card and donation to me before Nov. 15th if possible. 

Again, thank you so very much for your faithfulness to this ministry.  It is amazing to me, the generosity and love you all show to children you will likely never meet.  In Isaiah 1:17, it encourages us all to “do what is right…encourage the oppressed and defend the fatherless…” and of course Matt. 25:40, “Whatever you did for the least of these…you did for me.” You all are examples of these scriptures being acted out in this world.  Of course, we also need your continual prayers for the ministry and your individual youth.

May God Bless you all,


Rita Seggelke, Stateside Asst. Director Rutan Children’s Home

Imphal, India

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