The Rutan Children’s Home began as the passion of a few people answering God’s call to help the people of North East India.  This passion has grown to include the ministry we have today.

The Children’s Home is proud that we have approximately 20 monthly sponsors, with many supporting more than one child.  The facility currently is providing care and supervision for 25 children on a sponsor budget of about $2000 monthly.

As good as this is, there is a much greater need.  

The current vision is to raise sufficient funds to provide a safe and healthy environment and a good education through trade or college for as many children as God sends our way.  We want to be able to maintain, improve and expand our building to accommodate the numbers.  We specifically need to upgrade the one bathroom/shower room that is used by all the kids, boys and girls.  At this time, we are adding another story to the building in order to separate the boys and girls better than we have them now.  We will be moving all the girls to the upper floor with their own bathroom and shower.

With the generous support of donors, we can improve and expand the facility and look forward to a sponsorship of 50 children.  We ask that you pray about supporting this ministry.