Would you be willing to be a blessing in supporting a needy child? We have children currently in need of a sponsor, to provide for them at the Rutan Children’s Home. Your generous donation will make it possible for them to be fed, clothed, housed and educated within this powerful ministry.

There is a very strong need.  The $75 per month you will be paying per child per month will initially provide them a new mattress, new bedding, their own towel and wash cloth, toiletries, some basic clothing.  It also provides 2 meals and snacks during the school day and 3 and snack on the weekends or holidays.  The receive protein 3x per week, including eggs, canned fish, etc. but their diet mostly includes rice and vegetables.  Their medical care is provided mostly free from the Christian Hospital that is a part of the over all mission/ministry. 

It requires financial prudence to manage all of the needs on just a small amount each month, however, all of their lives are SIGNIFICANTLY better than they were when they were either living basically on the street on their own, or with family who could not feed them.  With God’s help, we are making a difference.  Would you pray to see if you are led to make a difference in a child’s life?

Your Child, Sponsored with Love

When you choose to take that step to support a child in need, we’ll match you up with a specific boy or girl that has an immediate need.  You’ll be informed of the child’s name and a little of the background and circumstances.  You can look forward to a relationship with communication back and forth as you learn how the child grows within this ministry.  He/she will know that your caring provisions are the hands that are making a difference.