The Charles Rutan Children’s Home is a Christian mission serving needy children of Impahl, Manipur, India.  The goal of the ministry is to provide food, clothing, shelter, and education in a Christian environment so that the children learn the love of the Lord, respect themselves and others and learn skills that will enable them to become totally self supporting when they leave our home. We hope to do our small part to help break the cycle of poverty from which they have come.

The Charles Rutan Children’s home has been in existence for about 9 years. It is located in Imphal, Manipur, India. This State is in North East India near the border of Myanmar.

It originally began as an informal ministry of the Lunkim family who began taking in children who needed care and providing them with shelter and a free education. The children were cared for at the Lodstar Public School and housed with the boarding students. When Charles and Cynthia Rutan donated funds to build a home specifically for these children, they were relocated from the school into the new building. The Rutan Children’s home remains affiliated with the Lodstar Public School and is located on the school grounds. The children of the Rutan Children’s home and generously provided a free education by the Lunkim family at the Lodstar school. The government of India recognizes both institutions as the same.

The goal of the ministry is to provide food, clothing, shelter and education to needy children in a Christian environment. Many of our children are orphans but not all. Some of them have parents who were too poor to care for them and left them in our care.

We have a commitment to raise these children to live and serve the Lord and to be able to one day support themselves and their future families.

One if our goals is to do our part to end the cycle of poverty in this area by making sure that each of our children graduate from high school and either go to college or a trade school. Our commitment is that when they are “launched” from our home, they will be fully self sufficient. 

The Children’s home is affiliated with the KUKI Christian Church Mission. The entire work in North East India includes Restoration Christian College, Trulock Theological Seminary, a Christian Hospital, Dr. Anjuli Nayak Nursing School as well as the Rutan Children’s Home an affiliation of Lodstar Public School.

The Children’s home was named after dear friends, Charles and Cynthia Rutan and their sons, Kurt and Scott Rutan of Springfield , Illinois who donated the initial funds for the building. Charles and Cynthia are both deceased but they have left a lasting legacy with their generous donation to this ministry.

Official Mission

To provide food, shelter, education and a nurturing Christian home to children who are either orphaned or whose families are too poor to provide for them. We are committed to “raising” these children to become self-sufficient adults who will be able to earn an income and who will love and serve the Lord throughout their lives.